Sullivan Harbor Farm Salmon

We’re for Real!
Fresh is all we know!
Made in Maine, USA!

All we know is fresh It’s that simple. And that is the way our customers like it.

The Source: Our 25 year legacy of producing fresh fish starts at the source: All of our signature award winning Atlantic Smoked Salmon is harvested fresh for us from the cold, clean waters of the Bay of Fundy which is only 65 nautical miles from our smokehouse.

Our commitment to you is using locally sourced seafood is to purchase Atlantic Salmon that is raised in humane conditions using “best practice methods” by harvesters who embrace and respect the future of the seas. Each individual fish is carefully harvested for us at the place of harvest with Sullivan Harbor Farm taking delivery of the highest quality, freshest fish available to us on the day of the catch.

057The Cure: No wet brining for us. Our fish are cured by hand using an old world method where we dry rub the individual fillets with sea salt and brown sugar for 7 hours, resulting in a lovely coral color.

loading-salmon-rackThe Smoke: Our fish are smoked in small, aritsanal kilns where our Master Smoker staff member carefully monitors each ste of the smoking process by overseeing a small chamber fire using real hickory, apple or cherry woods. The smoking process takes around 7 hours. We know it is complete when the salmon fillets have achieved a rich natural color, when a slight caramelized glaze of Omega 3 oils beads across the fillet’s surface.

sullivan harbor farm maine smoked salmonSlicing and Packaging: We slice the smoked fillets on a state of the art slicing machine, that thinly slices each fillet to perfection, never damaging the fish. The fillets are then vacuum packed, and refrigerated. Our other seafood products are vacuum packed or sealed for safety and freshness.

Our Other Products: As well as our signature Cold Smoked Salmon we have developed a line of other smoked seafood products that includes Digby Dayboat Scallops, Hot Smoked Salmon, North Carolina Trout, Icelandic Arctic Charr and mussels. Our Smoked Salmon Pate, Omega Delights, and other ready to eat products offer their own unique taste platform to our award-winning line from Sullivan Harbor Farm.

Shipping: All of our products are shipped nationwide using UPS or Fed Ex. All our products are packed in insulated material, with gel packs and arrive cold. Ready to be placed into refrigeration.

banner-salmonWhy Eat Salmon: Atlantic Salmon raised in New Brunswick has the lowest carbon footprint of any salmon producing region in the world. As one of nature’s foods, Atlantic Salmon as a species is naturally low in saturated fats, highest in Omega 3’s and is a lean concentrated source of protein. And is free antibiotics, preservatives and additives.The American Heart Association advises consumers to eat cold water fin fish 2 to 3 times a week. Our loyal fans not agree more!

It’s Real! It’s Fish! It’s America’s Best!

Interested in wholesale and distributor pricing? Give us a call or email us so we can discuss particulars. We ship UPS and Fed Ex nationwide.